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The Results Are In!
Plans to bring a streetcar system back to Downtown Los Angeles took a giant leap forward when voters approved $62.5 million in local funding for construction of the project in the highly anticipated December vote. The CFD (special tax) was passed with an astounding 73% “YES,” far surpassing both expectations and the required ⅔ supermajority.

In addition, the Streetcar achieved an impressive 19.4% voter turnout that far trumps the 10% turnout of other recent local elections.


Last summer, the Los Angeles City Council voted to form a Community Facilities District (CFD) for the project that would levy a special tax on Downtown properties within a three block radius of the proposed Streetcar route to cover approximately half of the Streetcar’s capital construction costs.

Learn more about the recently passed CFD


The Campaign

In August of 2012, LASI launched a marketing campaign  focused around Streetcar education and voter registration. It worked. Voter registration skyrocketed within the boundaries of the proposed Streetcar CFD as the number of registered voters increased by a significant 37.2%.